High School - Career Paths

In Ohio County, Kentucky high school students can choose to explore certain career paths, while still in school. Students gain exposure to career pathways and can earn certifications that will enable them to enter the workforce with in-demand skills. 

Ohio County career pathways include:

  • Automotive Maintenance and Light Repair Technician Pathway
  • Administrative Support Pathway
  • Business Management Pathway 
  • Machinist Operator Pathway
  • Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Operator Pathway
  • Residential Carpenter Assistant Pathway
  • Electrician Assistant Pathway
  • Industrial Electrician Assistant Pathway
  • Pre-Nursing Pathway
  • Emergency Medical Technician Pathway
  • Information Support and Services Pathway
  • Web Development and Administrative Pathway
  • Welder - Entry Level Pathway

Click here to view detailed information on the courses offered as part of each pathway, along with the skills students are expected to develop along their educational journey.