Ohio County, KY Has a Strong Education System

Ohio County School District’s primary goal is to nurture lifelong learners. The innovative and essential tools required to flourish and succeed in education can be found within the district. Tools such as test prep, counseling, enrichment, a variety of courses to interest all learners, and engaging technology are available for students.

High expectations are set in Ohio County School District that include providing extensive courses and programs for all learners, at any age. District-wide programs include world languages, a Gifted/Talented program, college readiness courses, and classes created for special interests and needs. Ohio County High School provides classes to students to be successful in life, ranging from mathematics to business education to carpentry construction technology. A variety of unique clubs and organizations are also offered to bring students together with similar interests so that they can learn from each other.

Ohio County School District values education and makes it a priority to guide every student through a successful academic journey.

Ohio County, KY Elementary Schools